Getting Started with GoHawk

How to download and create your driver account in GoHawk for iPhone and iPad

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What is GoHawk

GoHawk is a mobile phone app to help drivers improve dispatching and increase loads per day for every truck.

The goal of GoHawk is to increase loads per day, reduce demurrage/detention which will increase the salary of drivers.

What is Needed to Install GoHawk

In order for GoHawk to increase loads per day, GoHawk requires the following:

  • Location services to be enabled and set to "Always"

  • Push notifications to be enabled

  • Cellular Data is on

Drivers will not be able to login to the application with location services disabled.

The installation instructions below will walk you through enabling location services and push notifications when installing GoHawk.

How to Install and Sign Up for GoHawk for iPhone

  1. Open the App Store app

2. Tap the Search tab

3. Search for "gohawk"

4. Select "GoHawk Driver" and tap Install

5. Open the GoHawk app and tap Allow when prompted to allow notifications.   

6. Tap "Get Started"  

7. Enter your Phone Number and tap "Send Code"

8. Tap "Register" when notified that your phone number is not found

9. Enter your phone number again, enter your full name, and a 4 digit PIN code which can be used to access your account in case you are away from your phone or change
phone numbers.

10. Enter the code text messaged to your phone and tap "Sign In"

11. Tap "Always Allow" when prompted to allow GoHawk to access your location

12. Return to the home screen. That’s it! You are now set up with GoHawk. You don’t need to do anything else with the app.

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